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Static Hand Evaluation

Static Hand Evaluation

Hand evaluation is one of the most important aspects of bidding. Some players get lost in point count, but as you gain experience, you should recognize that not all 12-counts are created equal. We like to have shape, aces and kings (not queens and jacks), and values in our suits. Don't forget that 10s and 9s can be important cards.


In this quiz, you'll be tested about how well you identify the worth of various hands. Static hand evaluation just means that we are looking at the value at the beginning of the deal. Your hand evaluation should change as the bidding goes on. We'll address that in a future quiz. If you want more instruction about hand evaluation, you can purchase Michael's series on hand evaluation here


While most people are familiar with Goren points (A=4, K=3, etc..), that is not the only system for evaluating hands. In this quiz we use a tool called to Kaplan-Rubens hand evaluator which is a more accurate method to judge a hand's worth. 

None vul, you are South. 

♠ K32  
♥ 98  
♦ AKJ87  
♣ 1098

Should you open the bidding 1♠?


Choose One:



I would open 2♠

EW vul. You are South. 

♠ A2  
♥ K98  
♦ A82  
♣ KQJ109

What is your plan as opener?

Choose One:

1♠ followed by 1NT

1♠ followed by 2NT

1NT opener

2NT opener


Both vul. You are South. 

♠ AKJ1098  
♥ A8  
♦ --  

What should your thought process be: 

Choose One:

I'm opening strong, then no idea. 

I'm getting to at least a game.

I'm getting to at least a slam.

I'm bidding 7♠ and you can't stop me. 

I'm confused.

EW vul. You are South. First seat. 


♠ AQ10987  
♥ 32  
♦ A87  
♣ 54

What should you do?

Choose One:

Pass: inbetween opening and preempting




Both vul. You are South. 

♠ AQ  
♥ Q102  
♦ Q76532  
♣ AQ

What should your plan be?

Choose One:

Open 1♠, rebid 1NT

Open 1♠, rebid 2♠

Open 1♠, rebid 3♠

Open 1NT


None vul. You are South. 

♠ KJ109  
♥ AJ109  
♦ AJ10  
♣ 109

What should you open?

Choose One: