2023 Lectures and Seminars
Dates City/State Club Flyer/Link Name Email Details
Miami, FL
Royal Caribbean
Regional at Sea!
Austin, Texas
Hotel Viata
Bridge Camp
Miami, FL
Regent Mariner
Regional at Sea!
Hosting A Seminar

Hosting Bridge with Larry Cohen at your club is fun and easy. Just contact Cheryl for all of the details. Your friends will thank you for taking their game to the next level. [email protected] or use the Contact Menu above.

Read this to see unedited, honest reviews from the participants at a 2016 Country Club seminar.


Declarer Play - To Draw or Not to Draw               Bidding - Law of Total Tricks
Defense - Helping Partner/Signals Declarer Play - Avoiding Finesses
Defense - Opening Leads Bidding - The Most Important Convention - Negative Doubles
Declarer Play - Avoiding Finesses Bidding - 2/1 Game Forcing              
Defense - 3rd Hand Play Bidding - Versus Opponent's Preempts
Declarer Play - Capturing a Queen Bidding - Slam Bidding
Bidding - Strong 2C Openings Bidding - Weak 2 Bids (Red Light/Green Light)


To see a complete list of Topics, click HERE.


Larry will be using State-of-the-Art VuGraph Technology for his presentation. Everyone will enjoy Larry's informative, interesting, and humorous style of teaching.

After each lecture he will have boards set up so that each student will be able to play a hand that is representative of the information presented.