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Bridge Terminology

Bridge Terminology

When learning Bridge, it can seem like there are millions of new terms that can be tough to follow. As you get better and better, the terms get more and more obscure. In this quiz, we'll start easy and then get to very tough vocabulary questions. Knowing these terms won't make you a better player, but it will help you follow bridge writing or high-level discussion. 

What is a "pitch"?

Choose One:

A discard; when a player can't follow suit and doesn't use a trump card.

An expression for the level of the contract

An attempt to mislead your opponents

When partner throws their cards at you in disgust

What is it when defenders give up a "ruff and a slough" [also sometimes spelled sluff]?

Choose One:

Defenders have allowed the contract to make an overtrick

Defenders have set up one of the suits in dummy

Defenders have played a suit that both declarer and dummy are out of, allowing declarer to discard from one hand and ruff with the other. 

Defenders have gotten upset and resorted to name calling

What is "stripping the hand"? 

Choose One:

Another term for "drawing trumps" 

Coming down to just winners so that declarer can claim

Running suits to later force opponents to play a suit declarer would like

Unbuttoning one additional button along the neckline to distract the opponents

What is "double dummy"?

Choose One:

A dummy containing more values than anticipated

An analysis based on seeing all four hands

The result that should be attained on a given deal

When everyone plays as badly as possible

What is a "two-way finesse"?

Choose One:

A position where declarer can finesse either opponent for a missing card

A finesse that will work if an opponent holds one of two cards

A finesse where declarer needs to lead towards a particular holding twice

A finesse that might work or it might not

What is a "matchpoint"?

Choose One:

A substitute for masterpoints for non-ACBL events

An award for winning a team game

A unit of scoring based on comparing one pair's results on a board to results from pairs sitting the same direction and playing the same board

Credit for setting up a good partnership or shittach

Which of these is not a real bridge maneuver, called a "coup"?



Choose One:

Vienna Coup

Scissors Coup

Crocodile Coup

Bath Coup

Dentist's Coup

Morton's Fork Coup

None of these are real

All of these are real