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Robert Plays Notrump - How to Play the Worst NT - 2NT (Webinar Recording aired 3/2/21)

Robert Plays Notrump - How to Play the Worst NT - 2NT (Webinar Recording aired 3/2/21)

Robert Todd
Level: Intermediate
Rating :

Good declarer play is more than just techniques you learn in a textbook. Come join Robert and see how to play a variety of different Notrump contracts. We will look at the technical and the tactical aspects of declarer play. You will come away from these webinars feeling that Notrump is a lot of fun to declare.

Let's look at how to play the worst NT contract - 2NT. When the hand is over we will often wish we were in 1NT or 3NT (depending on how many tricks we take). We look at how to navigate 2NT and examine the kind of decisions you are faced with in this annoying contract.

Duration: 1HR 30m

  • These webinars are the fastest and easiest way to improve your game
  • Learn from a pro who can explain it in clear, understandable terms
  • Watch as many times and as often as you want
  • Includes an interactive quiz from Robert - see how well you do!
  • Includes professionally produced lesson notes

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