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Transportation Troubles

Transportation Troubles

Transportation is the ability to go from declarer's hand to the dummy's and back. Each way back and forth is called an entry. Planning transportation is one of the more difficult aspects of declarer play as traps can lurk several tricks into the play. Wasting entries or tangling suits can turn a simple deal into a complicated one. See how well you can plan out these deals to avoid ending up in the wrong place. 



You are declarer in 3NT. The lead is the ♠J.

What is your plan (after winning the ♠A). 


Dlr: South
♠ 654
♥ A
♦ AQ7654
♣ 543
Lead: ♠J
  ♠ AQ2
♥ KQ65
♦ 82
♣ A1098
Choose One:

Cross to the ♠Q and (if it wins) take a diamond finesse.

Play a club to the 9 to take a diamond finesse later.

Low diamond now.

♠A and another diamond now.


You are declarer in 4♠


Dlr: South
♠ 987
♥ 965
♦ 876
♣ KQ43
Lead: ♠A  
  ♠ 43
♥ AKQJ102
♣ 65

LHO leads the ♠A, East signals with the ♠Q. West continues with the ♠K (East following low), and another spade (East playing the 10). What now?

(Trumps are 3-1 with West having three)

Choose One:

Ruff small, draw trump and play a club to the K.

Ruff high. Draw trump ending in dummy and lead a diamond to the J. 

Ruff high and lead a club towards dummy now. If it wins, return to hand with a trump and lead another club towards dummy. 



You are in 3NT. Lead is the ♠5, East plays the ♠J. What is your plan?

  ♠ 876
♥ 8
♦ Q432
♣ AKQ43
♥ 5
  ♠ AJ3
♥ KQ43
♦ AK
♣ 9872
Choose One:

Hold up at least once, then win a heart eventually, unblock diamonds and play clubs. 

Win trick one and play clubs immediately. 

Win trick one, play two diamonds, and play clubs. 


You're declaring 3NT. The lead is the ♠7. East plays the ♠10. What is your plan?


  ♠ A98
♥ 43
♦ K2
♣ AJ10987
♥ 7
  ♠ KJ43
♥ AQ86
♦ Q643
♣ Q
Choose One:

Win the ♠Q and run the ♠Q. 

Win the heart ♠Q and overtake the ♠Q with the ♠A. Continue clubs. 

Duck the heart. 

Win the heart and work on spades by leading to the ace and taking a finesse.