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Michael Teaches Hand Evaluation - All 4 Webinars (Previously aired 4/30/21 - 5/21/21)

Michael Teaches Hand Evaluation - All 4 Webinars (Previously aired 4/30/21 - 5/21/21)

Michael Berkowitz
Level: Intermediate
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Don't fall into the trap of thinking that all points are created equal. If you were dealt all 13 spades, you would only have 10 points, but you would make 7S! In this series, Michael will explore which points are actually worthwhile and help you evaluate and re-evaluate your hands. Prepare to look at your hand differently!

Apr 30 - Goren was wrong. When is a King, not a King? Rethinking the points system and thinking about our honors. Recorded Webinar.

May 7 - Shapely and Strong. What to do with big hands that have one or more long suit. Recorded Webinar.

May 14 - The Weak Freak. How to approach hands with long suit(s) and not a lot of picture cards. Recorded Webinar.

May 21 - Breaking ALL the Rules. When can you bid with the wrong values or shapes? We will discuss lead directing, preemption, and bids that push the opponents around! Let’s have fun! Recorded Webinar.

1HR 30M Duration each

  • Learn from the best of the best!
  • Includes professionally produced lecture notes
  • Always delivered with a good amount of humor
  • Watch as many times and as often as you want

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