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Robert Teaches Play of the Hand (All 6 Webinars Previously aired 11/3/20 - 12/8/20)

Robert Teaches Play of the Hand (All 6 Webinars Previously aired 11/3/20 - 12/8/20)

Robert Todd
Level: Intermediate
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Join Robert Todd, founder of Adventures in Bridge, as he explains how to improve your cardplay.

Nov 3 - Getting the Most Out of Your Cards - Finesses and so much More
It's important to know how to take finesses of many kinds, but even more important to know how to make choices at the table.

Nov 10 - Combining Your Chances -- Expert Thinking at the Table
We develop tricks through Promotion, Length, or Finesse. But how do we choose which one to try first?

Nov 17 - Trump Suit Management
The trump suit is the one suit we can not avoid playing. That means that we really need to make the most of our trump. Here we look at a variety of ways we can use our trump suit to help us take tricks.

Nov 24 - Guessing at the Table
Making a hand often comes down to a guess. But these are rarely blind guesses. Here we look at a variety of different guesses we must make and what we can use to help use get them right far more than 50% of the time.

Dec 1 - Counting While You Play the Hand
There are a variety of ways to count a suit. Evolve to the best way -- Patterns. We will also look at a variety of other things we can count -- an opponent's hand, HCP, and more..

Dec 8 - Applying Pressure to the Defenders
As Declarer there are many ways you can make the defender's life difficult. Here we look at how we attack the opponents and produce tricks by forcing the opponents to make mistakes.

Duration: 1HR 30m each

  • These webinars are the fastest and easiest way to improve your game
  • Learn from a pro who can explain it in clear, understandable terms
  • Watch as many times and as often as you want
  • Includes an interactive quiz from Robert - see how well you do!
  • Includes professionally produced lesson notes

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