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Robert Teaches Bidding Problems - All 6 Webinars (Previously aired 3/23/21 - 4/27/21)

Robert Teaches Bidding Problems - All 6 Webinars (Previously aired 3/23/21 - 4/27/21)

Robert Todd
Level: Intermediate
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There are certain situations for Opener and Advancer that are problems. Here we make sure we have good tools available for communicating with partner.

Mar 23 - Opener's Rebids with Strong Unbalanced Hands - Jumps Shifts and Reverses

With big, shapely hands we need to communicate both our values and distribution to partner in order for them to understand how high to drive the auction.

Mar 30 - Problem Opening Bids and Rebids

Certain distributions can cause us a problem with our rebid. We will look at these problem hands and discuss how important it is to make a plan for your second bid before you make your first one.

Apr 6 - Opener's Rebids after RHO Overcalls - Support Doubles and More!
After an opening bid and response, an opponent overcalls – opener has some interesting rebid options. We look at these with a particular focus on the Support Double and see how it helps our side describe our hand.

Apr 13 - Opener's Rebids after Partner's Negative Double
Here we look at what Opener does after their partner makes a Negative Double -- how they describe their shape and strength as well as what bids are forcing.

Apr 20 - Responsive Doubles
The Responsive Double is key for the Advancer (the 4th player to bid). We look at how we use this tool to effectively compete in the bidding

Apr 27 - Advancing Partner's Overcalls
When partner makes a simple overcall we have lots of ways that we can continue the bidding. Here we look at those options and how we can further compete in the bidding.

Duration: 1HR 30m each

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