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Mike Lawrence Teaches Conventions (3 Webinars)

Mike Lawrence Teaches Conventions (3 Webinars)

Michael Lawrence
Level: Intermediate
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Good bidding is a combination of knowing what’s going on and then having the judgment to make it happen. Many players have bad habits. They either bid too much, or they bid too little. I will look at aspects of bridge to help with this and will also look at some bidding ideas that you may like.

May 5 – DRURY. Getting the most out of one of my favorite conventions! No matter how good a convention is, you have to know how it works. Do you use it in third seat only or in both third and fourth seats? Can you use Drury when they compete? Come to the lecture for the answers.

May 12 – SPLINTERS. Did you know that in different circumstances, you might make a splinter bid with three high-card points? Did you know that there are cases where a splinter bid requires over 20 high card points? When I ask someone to define a splinter bid, they almost always refer to the auction. 1H P 4D or something similar. I will show that splinters come up in dozens of situations.

May 19 – JACOBY 2NT Response to One of a Major. Can you use it when you have a void? Does a jump by opener into a new suit show a suit or does it show distribution? If your opponents bid after the 2NT bid, do you know what your bids mean? There are a lot of secrets that have not gotten much press!

Duration: 1HR 30m each

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  • Mike Lawrence is known for his emphasis on good bridge judgment
  • Includes a professionally produced lesson booklet 

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