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Michael Teaches Touring the Convention Card - All 7 Webinars (Previously aired 11/6/20 - 12/18/20)

Michael Teaches Touring the Convention Card - All 7 Webinars (Previously aired 11/6/20 - 12/18/20)

Michael Berkowitz
Level: Intermediate
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Michael Teaches Touring the Convention Card - All 7 Webinars

There are two different ways to develop partnership understanding: 1) Play together for 20 years or 2) Fill out a convention card.

In this series, I’m going to discuss the ins and outs of bidding and offer advice about the best approaches to every situation that can come up. This series should help us fill in a lot of the blanks, not just in our convention card, but in our overall bidding knowledge.

11/6--General Approach, Notrump Opening Bids and Responses
Why we should play 2/1 game forcing and also which permutations of agreements after notrump openings. Lebensohl and four-way transfers and Smolen--oh my!

11/13--Major and Minor Openings
What sort of raises do you play? Should you play inverted minors? What's your opening style in third-seat?

11/20-- 2-level Openings and Other Conventional Calls
What's forcing or not after a preempt? What about following a 2C opener? What conventions are useful to play and which are too much?

11/27--The Back of the Card: Doubles and Overcalls
There are so many doubles-negative, support, responsive, maximal-- but what do they mean? What's your overcall style and raise structure.

12/4--The Back of the Card: Over Opponents' various bids
What to do when the opponents double or bid 1NT. Michaels Cuebids and more. What to play and how to play it.

12/11--Slam Conventions, Miscellaneous "Talks"
Why you should play RKCB, what agreements you should make about "interference" and anything not covered yet.

12/18--Leads and Carding
Knowing your defensive agreements is key for good defense.

1HR 30M each

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