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Larry and Marty Bidding Exhibitions - 2/1 GF & 1NT Responses 4 Webinars (Previously aired 7/21)

Larry and Marty Bidding Exhibitions - 2/1 GF & 1NT Responses 4 Webinars (Previously aired 7/21)

Larry Cohen & Marty Bergen
Level: Intermediate
Rating :

By now, the great majority of players have sensibly switched to the far superior (and much easier) method of 2/1 GF responses. If used correctly, playing Two-over-one game-forcing greatly improves game and slam bidding.

In this series starting in June, Larry and Marty will bid (each taking one hand for the partnership) and explain their thoughts as they conduct a logical, practical auction. They will begin with two weeks of sensible 2/1 GF auctions. Then in July, they will focus on the crucial but much-misunderstood auctions that should occur (but often do NOT) after a 1NT response to a major.

June 10, 2021 2/1 Game Forcing Part 1

June 17, 2021 2/1 Game Forcing Part 2

July 8, 2021 1NT Responses to 1-Major Part 1

July 15, 2021 1NT Responses to 1-Major Part 2

Duration: 1HR 30m each

  • These webinars are the fastest and easiest way to improve your game
  • Learn from a pro who can explain it in clear, understandable terms
  • Watch as many times and as often as you want
  • Includes hands with Pro choices along with explanations for each bid and a copy with no bids so that you may practice with a partner
  • Includes bonus material for each webinar by Marty Bergen
  • KISS (keep it simple sweetheart)

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