Larry's Bridge Quizzes

LC07 Opening Leads Lesson Board 2


Take the West hand for Board 2 of the Opening Leads Lesson:

Dlr: South
♠ A2
♥ Q764
♦ K987
♣ 1095

We'll start you off with an easy one. South opens 1NT (15-17) and it is your call:

Choose One:


2♠ (conventionally hearts and a minor)

2♠ (conventionally diamonds and a major)


♠ A2
♥ Q764 
♦ K987 
♣ 1095

Pass 3NT All Pass  


North raises to 3NT and everyone passes.

What is your opening lead?

Choose One:






This is the full deal. Since we as the teachers get to set it up, you can see that anything but a heart lead is no good.
With the heart lead, what do you think will happen?

Choose One:

Declarer will have only 1 heart stopper and after he takes the losing diamond finesse, he will be down 1.

Declarer will have 2 heart stoppers and make the contract easily, possibly with overtricks.

Declarer will have only 1 heart stopper but can make the contract anyway.