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Terms 2

Terms 2

When we do webinars, we often get asked about certain terms that we use frequently. Bridge has it's own language and sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone has heard all of the lingo. Learning some of these terms will help you follow along with lessons and articles. Some of them are just for fun, though, so don't worry too much if you don't get the last few. The first part of this quiz is here. 

Which of these terms refer to how a suit is divided?

Choose One:



4-2 or 3-3 or 5-2, etc.


1, 2, and 3

What does "red vs white" mean? 

Choose One:

When one of the sides holds both diamonds and hearts and the other has spades and clubs

Your side has over 25 points and the opponents have no fit

Your side is vulnerable and the opponents are not vulnerable

Your pair is below average and the other is above average

The card printer broke down and half the cards are covered in red and the other half are blank

What is a "frozen suit"?

Choose One:

A suit that neither side can play profitably

A suit that has had every card already played in a deal

A suit that has had no cards played in a deal

A suit that was led once, but never again

A suit brought by the Disney corporation against directors singing "Let it Go" to bickering opponents. 

What is a "kibbitzer"?

Choose One:

The director

Someone who plays out of turn

Someone yelling at their partner

Someone watching the game

The person who puts all of the pips on each card

What is an "uppercut"?

Choose One:

When one side covers an honor with an honor to drive out two honors from the opponents

When declarer scores a trick with an unnecessarily high card to confuse the opponents into leading into a strong holding

When the defenders generate an extra trump trick by playing a suit that both declarer and another defender are out of allowing that defender to ruff high and force declarer to use a card high enough to promote a defensive trick

When a card slices the tips of your fingers

What you'd like to do to partner when they don't return your suit

This may seem simple. What is a "hand"? 

Choose One:

A 13-card holding

A way to refer to all 52 cards

What you'd like when you finish your excellent declarer play

Either 1 or 2

None of the Above