Larry's Bridge Quizzes

LC93 -- Paint Corner Suit Deal 1


As South, you hold:

♠ KQ10976  
♥ A2  
♦ 6532  
♣ A.

You reach 4♠ as shown with the ♠K lead. What do you play from dummy?


Choose One:



You correctly let the opponents win the first trick.

West shifts to a trump to East's ace. East plays a second trump as shown below.
Now what?

Choose One:

I don't know. You're the teacher and you got me into this position.

Win and try to set up hearts.

Win and draw trump.

Trumps are 3-2. You have lost Trick 1 and the ♠A. You still have 2 losing diamonds in your hand.
Accordingly, you need to do something with dummy's hearts.
Your good planning means that the ♠A still remains as an entry.

So, you lay down the ♠A and see:

Next you play to the ♠K and see:

When you play the ♠9, East discards a club. Now what?

Choose One:

Trump it and go down (hearts were unfortunately 4-2).

Discard a diamond.