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Larry's Bridge Quizzes

LC103 Dummy Type Deal 1

LC103 Dummy Type Deal 1

As East, nobody vulnerable, you are dealt:

♠ A64  
♥ A642  
♦ 765  
♣ Q94.

We'll start you off easy. RHO deals and opens 1C. What do you do?

Choose One:

Pass, of course.




LHO responds 1♠, raised to 4♠.
Your partner leads the ♠Q as shown.
What is your plan?

Choose One:

Play low.

Win the ♠A and continue hearts.

Win the ♠A and switch to a trump.

Win the ♠A and play a diamond.

Win the ♠A and play a club--please don't select this choice.

You shift to the top of nothing ♠7 and it goes to declarer's ♠9, partner's ♠10 and dummy's ♠Q. Then declarer plays to the ♠K, trumps a heart in dummy and plays the ♠K to your ace as shown below. Now what?


Choose One:

This is just too much to follow for me. I give up.

Return a trump.

Play a heart.

Play a diamond.

Play a club--please don't choose this answer.