Larry's Bridge Quizzes

LC104 Discarding Deal 2


As East, you hold:

♠ 652  
♥ 8653  
♦ 76  
♣ AQ92.

After 1NT-3NT, your partner leads the ♠K as shown. Let's say you play low and the first trick goes as shown.

Then, partner plays the ♠9 and trick 2 goes as below. What do you conclude?

Choose One:

Partner started with ♠KQJ109.

Something else.

At tricks 2 and 3, declarer plays the ♠A then the ♠J to dummy (partner following). Next comes another diamond as shown below. You will have to make 3 discards on the diamonds. What will they be?

Choose One:

First a heart, then black cards.

First a low spade.

First the ♠9, then spades.

First the ♠9, then a heart and a club.