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LC77 Top 5 Errors Deal 3

LC77 Top 5 Errors Deal 3

You are East (vulnerable against not) and need to get ready for a long auction by your opponents. You hold:

♠ -- 
♥ A842 
♦ J5432
♣ J932.

You have to endure the auction below by the opponents. Your partner will be on lead.
Which of these statements (possibly more than one) is true?

Choose One:

You should have doubled 5♠ for the lead.

North's raise to 3♠ showed more than had he raised to 4♠.

South should not have any suit in his hand in which he is missing the Ace-King (unless he has a singleton or void).

You should have asked what the 5♠ bid means.

2 & 3.

2 & 3 & 4.


Partner leads the ♠10. Do any of these statements sound right?

Choose One:

North's bidding was terrible.

North's bidding was good, but why do I need to have my brain engaged on this deal?

North's bidding was good, and if Larry is asking, I'd better be thinking.


Dummy wins the ♠A and a low heart is called for. And you?

Choose One:

Play low smoothly.

Something else -- such as "I wasn't ready" -- or "I grab my ace" or ....