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Larry's Bridge Quizzes

LC77 Top 5 Errors Deal 1

LC77 Top 5 Errors Deal 1

With neither side vulnerable, you are East, holding:

♠ A6  
♥ Q853  
♦ K843  
♣ A103.

LHO opens 1♠. RHO makes a limit raise to 3♠, you pass, and declarer (South/LHO) goes to 4♠ (see bidding diagram below).
Your partner leads the ♠J and dummy plays low. Using standard signals, what is your play?

Choose One:





Declarer wins the ♠A at trick one and plays the ♠10 to trick two as shown below. What is your plan?

Choose One:


♠A and then play another spade.

♠A and switch to a heart.

♠A and take the ♠K.

♠A and play a low diamond.

♠A and then play the ♠A.

♠A and play a low club.

This is the position when you win your ♠A. Which statement is accurate?

Choose One:

Returning a spade as indicated will set the contract.

Playing anything but a spade will let the contract make.

Both 1 & 2.