Larry Classic

Length: 1:46

In this 3-part series, Larry will touch on the key points of planning the play in both suit and notrump contracts.

May 6 – Declarer Play – Suit Contracts. When playing trump contracts you have to consider many things (starting with "what tricks might I lose". In this overview, Larry will give you his key thinking points with many deals to demonstrate.

May 13 – Declarer Play – Notrump. The companion to the May 6 lesson, but with a completely different game plan. In notrump, we start by counting winners. Larry will take you the rest of the way through the plan with many sample deals.

June 3 – Declarer Play – The Holdup Play. A key part of planning in many notrump deals is the Holdup play. Use the Rule of 7? See why Larry prefers the "Rule of Thinking" instead.



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