Hilton Head Report

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 03/03/2008
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

I'm not used to sitting out second halves and being the "low-man" on the team. Welcome to Hilton Head.

Our team sponsor had health issues, so our professional team entered the first knockout event 5-handed. With my 22,000+ masterpoints, I was the baby on the team.

My partner, David Berkowitz has 28,000. The other 3 guys on the team? Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth, and Mike Passell, with 48K, 59K, and 60K respectively. Yikes--a 217,000 masterpoint team!

Mike actually went over 60,000 during this tournament. He is now the only living man with that total--but by the time you read this, it is possible Jeff Meckstroth will have joined him. To see the all-time masterpoint leaders, click here.

I was involved with so many interesting deals from this tournament that I have to break it up into two sections as follows:

  1. Wild & Wacky Deals from Hilton Head
  2. Lesson Deals from Hilton Head