Rebidding a Long Strong Minor

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 09/13/2017
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Dear Readers,

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Dear Larry,

Last night my partner had a long strong minor and the bidding went 1♠ 1♠ 3♠. But I think he's too strong for 3♠. What do you think and what would 4♠ and 5♠ rebid by him show?

He had:

♠ J87  
♥ AQ5  
♦ AKJ10976  

Thanks so much for your help. I'm looking forward to another cruise -- they are always such fun.

Sam, Chicago

Dear Sam,

I agree about 3♠ not being a strong enough bid here, though it is a possible call.

I'd manufacture a GF jumpshift (2♠) and go from there.

Nothing is perfect.

4♠  should be 6-4 with big hand, good diamonds and 4-card heart support.  I did this one with the bidding box once when you were there -- right?

5♠ would be an unusual bid -- maybe something like:

♥ A2  
♦ AQJ108765  
♣ K107

Good Luck, Larry