Is this a Practical Joke?

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 06/10/2017
Level: All Levels

Would you think this is a practical joke? Neither side vulnerable, you hold:

♠ AK7542  
♥ AK  
♦ A10  
♣ AKQ.

If that isn't enough of a great hand, watch what happens.

LHO passes and your partner puts out the STOP card and bids...2♠!  Yes. SPADES. 

That is exactly what happened in the 2017 Team Trials. This was the full deal:

Dir: West
♠ Q109863
♥ J4
♦ K32
♣ 98
♠ --
♥ 109
♦ J98754
♣ 105432
  ♠ J
♥ Q876532
♦ Q6
♣ J76
  ♠ AK7542
♥ AK
♦ A10

 At most tables, over North's 2♠ South raised directly to 7♠. Some started with 2NT and scientifically reached 7NT. At a few tables, North didn't preempt, but East did.

Over East's 3♠, South doubled. West raised to 4♠ and North volunteered 4♠. Now, South jumped directly to 7♠.

What a once-in-a-lifetime situation for South to have that hand and see those auctions!