Opener's Rebid with Long Minor and Support

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 01/26/2017
Level: Beginner

Question from David S.

 I'm playing with a new partner. My hand was

♠ K9  
♥ AK102  
♦ 2  
♣ QJ5432

I opened 1♠ and my partner responded 1♠. I debated about bidding 4♠ but decided to bid 3♠. He went to 4♠ and when my hand came down he said "you should have bid 4♠, that shows exactly the kind of hand you have, 6 of your minor and four card support for me." I had never heard of this bid before and did not have a chance to discuss it with him after the game. My internet search on rebids generally showed 4♠ to show 7+ clubs and a good hand. Have you heard of my partner's 4♠ bid? If so, is it part of a system?

Larry's Answer:

Hi David.

4m rebid is 6-4 (long good minor, 4-card support) with enough for game -- so about 19-20 in support.

4 new suit = Splinter bid (0-1 in the suit jumped in, 4-card support) with enough for game -- so about 19-20 in support.

Your hand was not nearly strong enough for a 4-level action.  You did not have 19-20 in support. Change the clubs to AQJxxx and you could bid either 4C to show the 6-4 (I would) or, 4D Splinter (which I would reserve for something like 4=4=1=4 or 3=4=1=5).

With your hand, you were worth only 3♠ -- as you don't have enough to insist on game. Partner could have, say  Qxxx  Qxxx  Qxx  xx.

Good luck,
Larry Cohen