Author: Dawn Ligon
Date of publish: 06/02/2016
Level: All Levels

Every day, Larry and I receive emails asking what the topics are for an upcoming seminar. I would love it if I could remember, but with so many seminars and over 90 possible topics, it's impossible! I also question whether it is relevant.

I have seen many of Larry's lectures multiple times and I'd like to think I'm a fairly smart person...but I find it's very much like watching a great's impossible to take it all in the first time.

He often changes the way he explains something or he changes the lesson deals (you know he's very tricky?)! I've also observed that although he has a particular topic to discuss he tends to touch on other aspects of the game that he may not have covered the last time he did the topic.

Even if the lesson title is, say "Defense," there is much to learn about declarer play and bidding in that same session (all covered in the play of the 4 deals). If the topic is "Declarer Play," you will also learn about bidding and defense. Furthermore, I've yet to see a topic that Larry's student "already knows." There is always something new and interesting in every lesson on every topic.

I think seeing the same topic multiple times is very beneficial.

If you really need to know what the topics are please contact the host listed for the event. But before you do, please ask yourself, is it really relevant?

I hope to see you at a Larry Cohen Seminar soon! Happy Bridge! -Dawn