What Card do I lead in the Middle of the Hand?

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 11/12/2015
Level: Beginner

In the middle of the hand, If you "must" lead the 3 from K93, I call this a 'descriptive' lead; if you are allowed to lead either the 3 or the 9, depending on whether you want the suit continued, I call this an 'attitude' lead. 
Among experts, which would you say is the more common approach, attitude or descriptive?
(And does it matter if the contract is against a suit, or NT?)
A: I don’t know about the terminology, but I would just say that leading a highish spot card (10,9,8,7) to a trick mid-hand is “Top of Nothing.”  That is how partner will interpret it, any way. What you actually have is up to you and the message you wish to send.
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