Bidding Sequence: 1H P 1S P 3H P 3S

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 11/12/2015
Level: Intermediate

Dear Larry,
In the uncontested auction: 1H - 1S - 3H - 3S
1) Is 3S forcing?
2) If so, forcing to game?
A:  Yes and Yes  -Larry
There are many reasons why this sequence should be forcing. When one partner jump-rebids their own suit, that typically says "I'm pretty comfortable with this suit". As a result, if you are sitting there with no cards in partners suit, and also a hand that doesn't want to go to game, you should pass--this is partner's problem. 
Another important concept is that you want to be able to make a forcing bid when your partner has shown a good hand. Here, the jump-rebidder has about 16 points and the responder has at least 6 points. This side isn't far from a game anyways, so there's no reason to have any more invitational bids here. If the responder has a good hand, though, they might need room to describe what is going on. What should responder do with, say, 

♠ KQJ972  
♥ 3  
♦ AJ3  
♣ K92

They want to explore for game and possibly for slam, and don't want to jump around to get there. 


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