Regional at Sea FAQ

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 02/11/2015
Level: All Levels

Regional at Sea:
QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Events, Stratification,


2-Session Events

If an event is more than 1 session, you are expected to play in all sessions. If you are not available for all sessions, please consider the 1-session side game instead. All 2-Session Pair Games are "Gold Rush." This means there is a separate gold-point event limited to players with 0-750 masterpoints.  All Pairs sessions are 18 Boards.

Note: Some 2-session events start one morning and finish the next. Others start in the afternoon and finish the next afternoon. This would always be noted clearly on the schedule.

TEAM Games

Swiss or Knockout Teams require at least 4 players (5- or 6-person teams are acceptable, but some would have to sit out). The partnership desk (which will open immediately after the boat drill and be open almost constantly) can find you teammates. If you apply for teammates and then find someone else on your own, please let the partnership people know! 

Startiflighted Swiss Teams:  Two separate Swiss-Team events. One event is open to all (unlimited). The other event is limited to players (all team members must be eligible) with under 2,000 masterpoints apiece. 6-board matches (3 matches before lunch and 3 after--except on the final day, where there are only 2 afternoon matches). Gold points are available for the top finishers in each division.  Red points are awarded for each match won.

Knockout: Head-to-head 18-board matches (1 per session). The winner plays against a new team in the next session. The loser goes home (well, not really). 



GOLD Points

All events pay Gold Points as follows:

1) For placing overall in your flight in any event.
2) For a Section Top in any session of a 2-Session pair game. (Section top meaning you beat everyone your direction.)
3) For a Section Top in a Side Game (providing you play in at least one other session of that series—see Side Games, explained below).

Any points which are not Gold are Red.



All stratifications are computed by masterpoint average (per pair or team). If one player has 700 points and one has 100 points, then you collectively average out to the 400-point flight.   For the 2-Session Pair games, there are 2 separate events you may enter. One gold-point event is open to everyone and has no upper masterpoint limit (Flight A:unlimited,B:1250-2000, C:under 1250) and the other event is “Gold Rush.” “Gold Rush”(which awards gold points), means no player can have more than 750 masterpoints. [Averaging under 750 is no good—both players must be under 750!!].  The Gold Rush event also has 3 flights, by average of the partnership (D=300-750, E=100-300, F=0-100)



There is a side (pair) game available most sessions. All morning side games (as well as afternoon side games and evening side games) are grouped into a series. You must play in at least 2 sessions in that series to be eligible for overall awards. The top overall placers get Gold points. Note: Overall means only the highest scores—not by flight. If you play at least 2 sessions, you are awarded Gold points for a section top(s). One section top won’t pay gold unless you “convert” it by playing in any other session of that series (morning, afternoon, or evening). Side game strats: A=1000+ B=300-1000, C=0-300


Note: There are a few “smaller details” which are beyond the scope of this summary
Note: Technical details subject to slight changes