Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 07/15/2017
Level: Intermediate

A "cuebid" is a bid of the opponent's suit.

This is not the same as a "control" bid as in this auction:

 1? Pass 3? Pass

Here 4? shows the ace or king (or a singleton or void) in diamonds and slam interest.

We should use the term "cuebid" only when bidding a suit which the opponents have bid.

These cuebids come in many flavors, the main ones being:

Michaels Cuebid

This popular convention uses the following scheme:

 1?  2? MAJORS
 1? 2? MAJORS
1?  2? ?+minor
1?  2? ?+minor

There is more on Michaels bids by clicking on it.


Cuebid after our takeout double

 1? Double Pass 2?

 South can't want to play in clubs (he could have passed the double). This bid shows a good hand with no clear direction. Partnerships need to discuss how high this bid is forcing.

Western cuebid

This term causes a lot of confusion. To read more about this so-called "Western" cuebid, click the link.

Try 4 practice deals on cuebids, using any device by clicking here!

Watch for board list to advance through all four hands.