Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 06/02/2013
Level: All Levels

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Who is Larry Cohen?


I played professionally in these high-level events for 30+ years, but now make my living from teaching and writing. I hardly play any more. I enjoy broadcasting on BBO from time to time. This is my website -- and you can view various bridge articles, products, cruises, etc.  

                                      About Larry


How Do We Find Your Broadcast Times?

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Why Don't You Play Any More?


Playing in high-level tournaments for 30 years was enough for one lifetime. It is a stressful existence that I no longer find desirable. I much prefer teaching/writing and even reading about the game I love. 


Will you Play Again?


Maybe. But, for now, my guess is no. Since I "retired" in 2009, I have occasionally played in tournaments -- maybe once or twice a year. As part of "retiring," I gave up my long-term bridge partnership with David Berkowitz (now playing with Alan Sontag), so it is not easy to just "jump back in." 


Why Don't You Take Questions During Broadcasts?
If it were just one isolated question, I'd be glad to. But, when opened for questions, I get bombarded. There is no way to concentrate on broadcasting and at the same time "chat" with dozens/hundreds of people. So, rather than offend by "ignoring" or not being able to answer questions, I am blocked to begin with from taking them. However, I do receive thousands of e-mail questions a year, and somehow manage to answer all of them (gratis). All I ask of e-mailers is to have compassion and send only one or two questions a year -- otherwise, I'd be unable to continue to answer everyone.


Answers to Most-Asked Bridge Questions

Q: Do you open 1NT with a 5-card major?

A: Yes -- If 15-17 balanced (and only one doubleton 5-3-3-2).


Q: Do you count for long or short suits?

A: It depends on the situation. Don't be too concerned until you hear a round or two of bidding.


Q: What is your overall approach/philosophy?

A: KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart).  Not too many conventions. Open the bidding on the aggressive side. 2/1 Game Forcing. This is my list/opinion of important conventions.


I have articles on most other mainstream issues/conventions here.