Computers in Bridge

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 02/09/2002
Level: Intermediate

Computers were around before 1980, but it was in the 1980's that they started to have an effect on bridge. Each decade, they become more and more of a factor in so many phases of the game. For example (you can click on the blue links to learn more):

  1. Computer-dealt hands using deal generators (but, don't think the deals are rigged--click here to read about it).
  2. Deal generators for analysis: GIB, DEEP FINESSE
  3. Deals for practice, teacher aids, lessons, handouts: DEALMASTER
  4. Scoring by directors (not like the old days with recapitulation sheets)
  5. ACBL correspondence, membership, tournament info, clubs
  6. On-line bridge playing (BrideBaseOnline)
  7. Bridge-playing software (can a computer beat a human at bridge? Zia?)
  8. Bridge software for learning (Learn-to-Play Bridge)
  9. Search (put any bridge term in quotes into Google). Try "Law of Total Tricks" -- but don't forget the proper spacing and quotation marks.