Partnership Checklist after 2/1 GF Response

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 02/11/2012
Level: Advanced

When using 2/1 GF, here is a checklist of various treatments. The text in gold is the recommended treatment for LC Standard. Your partnership should choose which way you treat each area, being aware that there is no global standard or "best" way.  If you wish to avoid discussion/work, you can just agree to play LC Standard (as in gold).

All of the below auctions are AFTER a 2/1 GF response:

Does Opener's reverse promise extras? Example (1?-2?-2?).  No

Does Opener's 3-level Rebid promise extras? Example (1?-2?-3?). No
Does Opener's rebid of his major promise six cards? Example (1?-2?-2?). Yes (98%)

What is the "default rebid" when opener has a flat hand with xxx in an unbid side suit?  2NT (but not with xx in a side suit).

Does Opener's jump rebid (solid suit) guarantee extras? Example (1?-2?-3?No

Is Opener's Jump shift a splinter bid?  Example (1?-2?-3?)  Yes

Is 2/1 100% GF?  Yes
Is 1?-2?  100% GF?  Yes
After 1?-2? should opener rebid 2D (as his first obligation) with 5+??  Yes

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