NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 1 of 3 (footnote 2)

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 12/23/2013
Level: All Levels

NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- Part I -- Details on Follow-ups to Transfers


After 2?/2? (Jacoby Transfer):   
Responder's new suits after transferring (with one exception as noted below) are Game Forcing and natural.
Transferring to hearts and then bidding 2?=4? and 5+? INVITATIONAL (the only exception to GF--because with a GF 5-4 in the majors, responder starts with Stayman).
Transferring to spades and then bidding 3?=5+? and 5+?, GF.  (1N-2?-2?-3?)
Transferring to a major and then bidding:

     ...2NT is invitational (1N-2?-2?-2N)
     ...A new 3-level suit is natural and GF (1N-2?-2?-3?)

     ...Raising to 3 is inviting game (typically a 6+ card suit) (1N-2?-2?-3?)
     ...Rising to 4 is inviting slam (typically no singletons or voids since no splinter) (1N-2?-2?-4?)
     ...Bidding 3NT is a choice of games (typically balanced) (1N-2?-2?-3N)
     ...A jump shift is a splinter bid (example: 1N-2?-2?-4? is likely 6=3=3=1 shape)
Transferring to a major (on the 2-level), followed by 4NT is Quantitative (1N-2?-2?-4N)


After 2? (Transfer to clubs) or 2NT (Transfer to diamonds) Note: The transfer is usually a 6-card suit and can be a sign-off, invite, or force:

Opener accepts the transfer (bids the suit transferred to) with a maximum (example: 1N-2?-3?).
Opener rejects the transfer (bids the in-between suit) with a minimum (example: 1N-2?-2N).

  (A minimum or maximum is determined in context. Usually, having a high honor in the minor transferred to will be the deciding factor as to minimum or maximum. A 16-count with two small in the minor transferred to is a minimum).
Responder's subsequent bids (after transferring to a minor) are natural and game forcing (except for a return to his suit on the 3-level which is sign-off).
Example: 1N-2N-3?-3?=To Play   1N-2N-3?-3?= 4?, 5+?, GF
Note: To invite in notrump, you have to use "fake" Stayman, so 1N-2?-2any-2NT is inviting 3NT (with or without a 4-card major).