Set 22Results

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 03/10/2017
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Set 22 Results

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Board 1, West deals, Nobody Vulnerable


?A 4
?A K 10 6 5 3
?A J
?J 9 2
  ?K Q J 2
?Q 9
?5 4 2
?A 6 5 3





Scores for Board 1:

5?: 4

It isn't easy to reach this perfect-fitting slam with 29 HCP and relatively balanced hands. After 1?-1?, West has a difficult decision. He has extras, but should he jump to 2NT to portray 18-19 balanced (he is worth it), or jump rebid in his hearts? After a 3? rebid, East is probably worth a move, but it isn't clear what move. After a 2NT rebid, East would have to stretch to invite with 4NT. If he does so, West could use this general rule which I've found helpful: When you have extra length (as opposed to extra strength) that should cause you to stretch to go to slam.

Board 2: North deals and open 1?, Nobody Vulnerable

  ?A 10 8 5 3
?Q 10 9 6 4
?8 7

?Q J 4
?A 8 7
?A K Q 6 5 4 2


 Scores for Board 2:

? Partscores: 2


A spade slam is precarious, because even with 3-2 spades it might fail. For example, a heart lead is ruffed in dummy. Next the ?Q holds? Then what? A crafty North would surely duck his offside ?K (even doubleton -- a great play!). Anyway, how can this slam be bid? After North's 1? opening, East might overcall 2? and West might pass. So much for slam--not even a game is reached! The only way to get higher is if East starts with a double or West bids over 2? (admittedly risky). I have sympathy (but not high marks) for a final contract of 2?.


Board 3, East deals, Both Vulnerable

?K 9
?K J 7 4
?A Q J 5
?A J 3
  ?Q J 10  4
?A 10 9 8
?K 9 6 2






Scores for Board 3:

5NT: 9
5?: 7
6?: 5


This is a tough one, indeed! How do you reach the best contract of 6NT? (In notrump, after dislodging the ?A, you can lay down the top hearts and fall back on the 50-50 club finesse.  You make it if EITHER the ?Q falls or the club finesse wins). In a heart slam, you need to locate the ?Q. After East's 1?, West can bid either red suit. If he bids 1?, East bids 1? and West forces to game and probably ends up using RKC in hearts to stop in 5?. If West responds 1?, East raises hearts and again, 5? is the likely contract. Only a relay pair has a chance to find notrump. This isn't really fair.


Board 4, East deals, Nobody Vulnerable


?A K 4
?A 9 8 2
?K 5 4
?6 5 2
?K Q J 4 3
?Q 2
?A Q 9 8 4





Scores for Board 4:

5?: 7
3NT: 4

This time the idea is to avoid slam. How about 1?-2NT (Jacoby)-4? (5-5) to start.  Will West, holding the dreaded three-small in partner's second suit, make a move? He might.  Will East, with a little extra, cooperate?  He might.  I hope you didn't zig and zag this set and bid slam on the wrong board and miss it on the right one.  


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