Navigating The Learning Center

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 09/01/2010
Level: All Levels

My goal is to make this "the place" to come for bridge learning.  There are numerous articles on many facets of our great game. You can Bookmark, or "BRIDGE ARTICLES"  --  wade right in and you have the equivalent of dozens of bridge books. I hope you appreciate the thousands of hours of work I've put into this. Everything on the site is free.

Here are some of the things you can find:


In Articles you'll find lot of instructional lessons on bidding, declarer play, and defense all under those headings. Plus lots more.

Conventions: If you want to read about a convention, I've organized them in order of preference (10 at a time). There is a special section just on Doubles.

Bridge Deals are in Larry's Reports from the Road,The Real Deal (the easier ones from Audrey Grant's magazine, the more difficult ones from my ACBL columns), and Telephone Numbers.

Move over Daily newspaper column and Bridge books. You can get lost in the various bridge deals written up on this site (all free).

LC Standard - These articles take you through the convention card with my recommendations on "LC Standard." This is a bidding system I recommend for experienced players. Two partners can sit down and play without filling out a card/system if they both know and agree to play this system. It is more complex than the ACBL "Yellow Card" but less complex than "Bridge World Standard."

What Should We Play -This series takes the intermediate-level reader through the entire ACBL convention card with explanations of each section.

One Million Deals - Larry's analysis of 1,000,000 deals played online. 

Larry Opines -- My comments on various methods and treatments.

Rule of # (Rule of 7,11,15,20 etc.)

Cheating and Ethics (added in 2015 in line with the horrific cheating scandals of that year).


Partnership Practice Bidding Hands
For you and a partner to practice your bidding! Be sure to read the instructions carefully first.


Bidding with Larry

Bridge players love challenging auctions. Here, see how you would bid compared with my choice and the choices of the rest of my readers. 



Dozens of my quizzes with multiple choice answers.


More Larry

Larry's Books & Software

Everything above is free. While the articles and quizzes are a wonderful place to refer to and build knowledge, they are in no way as comprehensive as reading a book or utilizing bridge software. My award-winning DVD series allows me to some of my favorite lectures into your home.

Larry Live: I hope to see some of you in person on land or at sea. Every year I am all over the place (no snide remarks, please) -- the schedule is here.

Please stay-tuned to this site and tell your friends.  If there is any bridge topic, convention, etc. that you want to look up, this will be the place.