1-level Wrap-up (Part 3)

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 07/01/2014
Level: Intermediate

1-Level Openings Wrap-up

The last few months we examined these general concepts:

  1. Opener's Jump shift
  2. Opener's Reverse
  3. Fourth-Suit Forcing
  4. New-Minor Checkback
  5. Inverted Minors
    This month we close out the 1-level for now with:
  6. 2/1 GF

Warning: Some of this material is a little beyond my normal KISS approach

6. 2/1 Game Force (and 1NT-forcing)

In a nutshell, this bidding system uses 2-level responses (in new suits below the suit opened) as forcing to game. In conjunction, a 1NT response is used for all hands up to about 12 HCP. Here is a link to my lesson sheets on this voluminous topic. Warning: This is only intended as an overview. Complete books have been written on this subject. I teach many one-hour lessons with more details than are given in these lesson sheets (using Fred Gitelman's excellent software projected on a large screen). For more information on my lessons (for intermediate players), click here.

Next month – We leave the 1-level and explore one of my favorite topics: Weak Two-bids


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