Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 08/18/2009
Level: All Levels

Bidding Screens
Bidding Screens
In high-level duplicate bridge, screens (as shown) are used.

These devices make for a better and "cleaner" game. You don't see your partner's face (yes, I know--you can spare me the snide remarks).

There is no speaking. The bids are placed on a tray and slid under the screens back-and-forth to each side of the table.

All you see is one opponent. Your partner sees the other opponent.

During the auction, if any bids are alertable, you write out the meaning for your screenmate. You never know/hear/see if your partner is on the same wavelength.

After the bidding, a small door in the screen is lifted so that everyone can see the dummy.

At that point, all you can see is your partner's stomach (again, no snide remarks, please). After play is completed, the door is lowered and the next board is placed on the bidding tray. For the past 25 years, almost all the serious bridge I have played has been behind screens.

   Screens with Players
Screens with Players