Las Vegas, 2009

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 06/27/2009
Level: All Levels

The 2009 Las Vegas regional produced a plethora of deals to write about. It was good bridge weather in June (100 degrees outside)--didn't want to be outdoors at all! 

My worst bridge moment came against veteran player Hamish Bennett.  I was in 6? with this trump suit:

?A K 9 2
?J 8 7 6 4
I led a trump from hand to the ace and the queen fell from Hamish on my right.

Hamish Bennett
                                       Hamish Bennett

Late in the play, I ruffed something high (with the ?J) in hand.

Then, I took a "marked" finesse to dummy's ?9.

You guessed it--Hamish had dropped the Q from Q10 doubleton--a classic falsecard.

I fell for it and went -100 (we had lost another trick already). I told him, "nice play."

He told me that he made the same falsecard 50 years ago against a famous player that didn't take it as well. He called Bennett a %&$*%$ -&%*&$#-ing Hamish.  (That thought crossed my mind).

09 Vegas Regional
09 Vegas Regional
The Regional went well (see the results) for our team (photograph here).  Also, it produced this long list of interesting and instructive deals:

1) Bergen Grand -- all levels

2) When in Doubt -- all levels

3) Are These Experts? -- ADVANCED

4) Good Declarer, Good Defender -- Intermediate

5) Tricky Trick 1 -- ADVANCED

6) Freak -- all levels