End of Career?

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 03/15/2009
Level: Intermediate

March, 2009…Houston

This is it—my curtain call.

I've played in every National Championship Tournament since the late 1970's. After more than 100 in a row (3 a year), I'm calling it a career. The Houston Nationals in March, 2009 is my swan song.

Will I ever play bridge again? I have a few more commitments this year, but after that—who knows? If I miss the top-level competition, I can always delve back in some day down the road.

But, for the most part—this is it. I'm not enjoying playing in the top-level tournaments the way I used to. Don't get me wrong; I still LOVE the game. I like to read about interesting deals. Writing about bridge (especially in a way that the "masses" can understand) is my passion. Teaching bridge is the biggest joy I have in the game. I plan to continue to read, write and teach—more so than in the past.

While a complex hexagonal squeeze or a new inverted-transfer convention might be fascinating to other experts, I much prefer the pure beauty of the game at the "intermediate level." I love to explain (in writing or orally) how to think out a bid or play. Now that I am leaving the tournament trail, I'll have more time to devote to the part of that game I enjoy most.