Berkowitz makes 7C (2001) (printed from WBF Bulletin/Paris Nov 2001 -- IPBA)

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 01/01/2002
Level: Advanced

The Digital Fountain Hand of the Year

Player: David Berkowitz (USA)

Journalist: Jody Latham (USA)

Bulletin 431 p.3;ACBL Nationals at Birmingham,Alabama Nov 2000

Larry Cohen and David Berkowitz appeared to be on their way to victory in the Blue Ribbon Pairs when they had a monumental 69% game in the first final session.They finished fourth. Early in the fourth session they scored a triumph on this exceptionally tough hand:

Board 26.

Vul: Both
Dlr: East
?Q J 10 6 5 4 3 2
?Q J 10 7
?K 7 4
?A K 8 6 2
?K Q J 5 3
  ?A K 9 8
?A 6 3
?9 3
?A 10 8 6
?Q 10 9 8 5 2
?5 4
?9 7 4 2
Cohen    Berkowitz  
    1NT(1) Pass
2?(2) 4? 5? Pass
5? Pass 5? Pass
7? All Pass    


(1) 14-16 HCP

(2) Transfer to clubs.


South led a spade, and Berkowitz won the ace while pitching a heart from dummy. He found out about the 4-0 trump split when he led a club to the king. (It looks safe to cash the ?A instead of crossing to the king, but you go down if you cash the ?A.)

Berkowitz took his top diamonds and then ruffed a third diamond with the 10 (South throwing a heart). He then led ?K.If South ruffs declarer can easily set up the diamonds and pick up trumps, so South threw a second heart and West a diamond.Berkowitz now ruffed a spade (South throwing another heart)and cashed the ?K. Next came dummy's last diamond, which he ruffed with the ace (South throwing a fourth heart). Now came the eight of trumps, covered by South. Berkowitz crossed back to his own hand with the ?A and finished with a trump coup.At that point, dummy was down to the ?Q-5 and South had the ?7-4.