Local Column 3

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 03/01/1999
Level: Intermediate

?A K J 8 7
?A Q 4
?A K Q 3


Nobody vulnerable:


4? ??    

Welcome to a new season of bridge at Boca Greens! My summer was almost a great one. We had played 338 out of 340 deals in the World Open Pairs Championship in France this August. David Berkowitz (my regular partner) and I were in first place -- about to win the Gold Medal. But, disaster struck on the last two deals and we dropped to second place. Maybe next time.

Many of you have asked me if I am teaching more classes this year. I am teaching at some other country clubs (does that make me a traitor?) this fall, but in the spring I will be teaching 6 new lessons here at Boca Greens. Last year the room proved a bit too small for the number of people we had, so this year the class size will be limited to just 12 tables. Please sign up early to make sure you don't get cut out. (All details are available at the Boca Greens Country Club office).

On the above deal from France, my partner held the diagrammed hand. He heard his right-hand opponent open with a 4? preempt. A double would be for takeout. 4NT would be natural. What would you do?

Tune in next month to see what happened.