Back on the Horse

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 12/14/2020
Level: All Levels

Every few years, they attempt to drag me out of retirement. This year (2020-pandemic), their argument was that I can play from the comfort of home, with my old/regular partner David Berkowitz. It was even open notes--I was allowed to look at our system notes while playing.

Larry & David after winning a National championship in 2004

This was my first-ever Seniors event. All players had to be born before 1960. I just made the cut.

We played 3 days (Dec 11-13, 2020) to try to qualify for the Transatlantic Seniors Championship. It was played online, but with a "Zoom-like" setup on "Realbridge." Everyone had cameras, so you could see and hear your opponents.

Battling against "old" foes like Zia and Meckstroth-Rodwell reminded me how tough this game can be.


                           LC & DB online in 2020

Our team ended up as the top qualifier, so now I will be playing more bridge in January--against some expert teams from Europe.

A bridge deal? This is quite a complicated one, but I couldn't resist writing it up: 

Larry's Finesse of a 4?