Common Feedback

Author: Larry Cohen
Date of publish: 02/22/2020
Level: General Interest

Survey Feedback

Likely you are reading this after filling out a survey about one of our events.
First of all, thank you for the feedback! We read everything and it helps us shape and model our future events.

There are some comments that we repeatedly hear, and we put together this FAQ page to address some of them.

Dining. This is always a conundrum with us.  What time?  Fixed tables? No matter what we do, we can't please everyone. We take into account all comments/preferences and really try to do the best we can. Even when planned out, some days people decide to have room service or go to a specialty restaurant, thus ruining even the best-laid plans.

Bridge Room Temperature.  Generally, ships/resorts keep it cool (to avoid spread of germs/disease). Also, they figure people can always put on a sweater/jacket, but can't easily disrobe when it is too hot. We advise everyone in advance to bring a sweater. Sometimes it is even too cold for a sweater and we try to get the venue to warm things up, but this isn't always easily accomplished.

Group size. We have an ideal size in mind to run a good event. We never want to take too many (more than will fit), so we always establish a waiting list when full. At the other end of the spectrum, sometimes we have fewer players than hoped for (thus fewer masterpoints), but there is no way to anticipate the exact attendance.

SBC (Ship-Board Credit).  Sometimes there are special credits for booking on board. We urge our players to take advantage of this when possible. However, we don't usually offer SBC from Alice Travel. Doing such would just increase the cost of the program, and we judge it better to spend the money on the bridge program and keep the costs as low as possible for all rather than offer credit for things on the ship many wouldn't use anyway.  Yes, many agents offer SBC, but they don't have a bridge program to pay for--so they just factor it into their price/costs.

Rudeness. This is the bane of our existence. We do everything we can to stress politeness in the group. For 99% of you, there is no problem. It is always the 1% who can make things uncomfortable, but we can't throw them overboard.

Once again, we really appreciate your comments and take them into consideration.

Alice Travel & Larry Cohen