Larry's Bidding

Bidding with Larry!

Hand #1030

East Deals, N/S Vul, IMPs. You're South and you hold:

♠ A82  
♥ 5  
♦ AKQ962  
♣ KQ8

 ---  ---  2♠**  ??

*Bid out of turn

**After the director is called, West does not accept your bid, and East opens a weak 2♠.

When there is a bid out of turn by South, West had the option of accepting or rejecting your bid and quite sensibly chose the latter. The bidding then reverted to East who was and still is truly the dealer. Your choices now over the weak two opening are to bid a sufficient 3♠, although your partner may not bid for one round, or to bid anything else, which would bar partner from the auction entirely. Given that in either case you will be unable to have a sensible bidding dialogue with partner (is this any different from usual, you may ask?) what is the best thing to do?

Your Choice: